Muffle Furnace



In a muffle furnace heat is applied to a chamber through induction or convection by a high-temperature heating coil inside an insulated material. The insulating material effectively acts as a muffle, preventing heat from escaping.

Made up of thick mild steel, our Muffle Furnace WI-03 can be used for temperatures as high as 12000C. The internal ceramic chamber of the furnace which is also known as muffle is wrapped up in vast layers of insulation so as to prevent heat loss and achieve high temperatures. The high temperatures inside the furnace is attained by utilizing heating properties of electrically operated heating elements like Nichrome (nickel-chromium) wires. The temperature regulation in furnace is highly dependent on the efficiency of electronic controller unit, hence we use PID controlled units for best results. A safety thermal fuse is also provided.

Application areas include Ceramics, Semiconductors, Heat Treatment, Brazing and Soldering, Air and Space Industry, Petro chemistry, Automotive, Coal and Mining, Dental, Nuclear.


  • Outer body is made of thick mild steel.
  • Furnace is lagged with ceramic wool and hysil blocks for insulation.
  • Heaters are made of 80/20 Nichrome wire, uniformly wound on the muffle.
  • A safety thermal fuse is provided to cutoff when the temperature exceeds the set temperature.
  • Mild steel control box is fitted on the top/right side of the furnace.
  • Consists of indicating lamps, on/off switch, contractor and digital temperature controller along with thermocouple sensor.


Technical specifications:

  • Size:  (4”x4”x9”),( 5”x5”x10”), (6”x6”x12”), (8”x8”x12”), (12”x12”x12”)
  • Max Temp: 9500C or 12000C
  • Power Requirement: 220V AC