COD Digestion Assembly



COD Digestion Assembly is used for determination of chemical oxygen demand of waste water in influent and effluent, industrial process water and more.

Our COD digestion assembly WI-02 is constructed with mild steel duly coated for corrosion resistance and fitted with solid aluminium blocks heated unit with 40mm diameter holes for 38mm borosilicate glass and thus offering reliable results and quality performance all the time. Double wall construction with insulation for minimum heat losses increases the efficiency of the system. The aluminium blocks are heated to maintain temperature till 1800C. Solid state Digital Temperature Controller, appropriate heater & insulation selection assure uniformity in all the samples. Selectable timer up to 120 minute with alarm is provided to set the digestion period (Refluxing). E&E Solutions made COD digestors are versatile and reliable and is designed to perfectly attain set temperature, necessary for COD determination in laboratories for water testing.


  • Precise temperature control with PID control.
  • Ergonomically designed for versatile usage.
  • No water circulation needed.
  • Standard APHA method.
  • Samples after being digested for 2 hours can be analysed using calorimeter or conventional titration meter.


Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 6 tubes, 12 tubes, 15 tubes
  • Material: Solid aluminium blocks heated unit with 40mm diameter holes for 38mm borosilicate glass reaction vessels. Outer unit is powder coated steel.
  • Temperature Controller: Microprocessor based PID controller and indicator with PT100 sensor
  • Temperature Range: Ambient to +50C to 2000C with least count of 0.10C
  • Insulation: High grade fibre wool blanket insulation
  • Heater: Casted aluminium alloy heaters embedded in the block for temperature uniformity
  • Timer: Inbuilt digital timer which starts automatically when set/desired value of temperature is achieved. When the set time period is over the heaters get switched off automatically with a buzzer alarm to indicate cycle complete
  • Tubes (Boiler): 40x200mm (to hold 20ml sample) with B-34 socket
  • Tubes (Air Condenser): 640 mm with bulb, funnel and B-34 cone
  • Safety: Over temperature protection, sensor break/disconnection indication with heating shutoff
  • Electric Supply: 220V, 1 Phase