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About E&E

Superheroes need not be Marvel or DC all the time!

We are a squad of geeks in our venture to save the Captain Planet. The environment is sabotaged beyond the threshold and it’s high time we start saving it. We gathered up right away when we expressed our deepest anguish of all the torments our environment is going through.

That’s how we started in 2015.

E&E is a trailblazer in formulating novel ideas to make cutting-edge instruments for a better industrial culture. Our work has made greater beneficial impact with innumerable clients in adopting eco-friendly habits. We marveled in our ambition of launching phenomenal environmental instruments and engineering solutions, and now in the vision of expanding this wider across the globe.

Besides, we also organize campaigns via digital platforms to create awareness to our fellow beings on the Environmental issues.

Our Founders...

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Mohammad Hamza

graduated from Aligarh Muslim University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Having worked on various projects on VOC monitoring and LDAR, he has gained extensive experience in the development of environmental monitoring instruments. He keeps his focus on the development of low cost instruments to make it affordable for all industries to keep a check on its pollution levels. Under his leadership, E&E Solutions has set new benchmarks for instrument performance. He heads the sales and marketing efforts and strives to provide a one stop solution for environmental monitoring.

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Sabir Ahmad Shamoo

graduated from B.S Abdur Rahman University, Chennai with a degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. He has worked on the design and development of real time ambient air monitoring instruments. He puts his efforts into providing accuracy and precision in the instruments so that a proper analysis can be made for pollution abatement from the data collected. He looks into the operations and management efforts and strives for the global expansion of E&E Solutions while focusing on operational excellence, innovation in design and outstanding customer support services.

What We do...


The E&E products are built at the component level to provide an organization with the instruments it needs to meet its measurement objectives. The versatility of these sre evidenced in your ability to add, remove, or substitute sensors or other peripherals as your data measurement and monitoring needs change. To assess the numerous the E&E models and ultimately determine which product are the most suitable, you should first identify your application’s needs and requirements. Your familiarity with these items will help ensure that the products components you select will meet your compliance requirements.

Our Vision...

To make a better world with better beings, perpetuate the balance between the ecosystem and environment with our adept technics.

To make the planet Earth an incredible one, worth being stared in wonder from the other galaxies.

Our Mission...

Mankind is not the only resident of the planet Earth and survival is not the only purpose of our lives.

We passionately dream to connect the bigger dots of Nature and Human with the string that can transcend space and time.

With the data and IoT, we work to stabilize the factors that might hinder the betterment of the environment. We think bigger and better for the planet, so that we can leave behind something worthy enough.

And, we never get tired of this dreaming and thinking until we make it a reality.