Stack Sampler



Stack sampling or stack monitoring is the experimental process for evaluating the characteristics of waste gas stream emissions into the atmosphere from industrial facilities to meet environmental standards.

Our Stack Sampler AI-104 can monitor Particulate Matter (PM) and various water soluble gaseous like SO2 from stacks or diesel generator chimneys for source emission monitoring. In order to make the instrument easier to use on tall chimneys and for easy transportation to even remote places, we have designed our instrument to be light weight, highly portable and have an easy user interface. The AI-104 comes with push fittings instead of metal ring joints for better use and easy working. Particulate matter is collected over a filtration thimble via sampling probe. The gaseous pollutants are absorbed in suitable reagents in glass impingers. The gas flow rate can be controlled by flow meters provided within the instrument and the digital meters indicate various other stack parameters instantly.


  • Digital pressure meter for measuring stack pressure and velocity.
  • Robust and compact design.
  • Light Weight and fully portable vacuum pump.
  • Light weight and easy to use panel.
  • Separate gas sampling tray for impingers.
  • Separate carrying case for all accessories.
  • Pitot tube and probe pipe comes with extendable arms.
  • Flexible probe pipe.


Technical specifications:

  • Stack temperature range: Ambient temperature to 6000C.
  • Thermocouple: Sensor in SS-304 casing, length of insertion: 0.6 to 1m with 1m long cable.
  • Manometer: Digital manometer with direct reading in mmH2O.
  • Stack velocity range: 3 to 60 m/sec
  • Pitot Tube: 1 metre long S-type fabricated in SS-304 and extendable to 3m.
  • Particulate sampling: 2 – 30 lpm collection on thimble type filter.
  • Sampling Probe: Made from SS-304 tube, 1m length extendable to 3m
  • Gaseous sampling: 0.2 – 3 lpm collection in a set of Borosilicate glass impingers.
  • Rotameter: Plastic Body with 0-30 lpm for Particulate matter (PM) and 0-3 lpm for Gases.
  • Filter holder: Made from SS-304 tube suitable to hold either cellulose filtration thimble (size 28mm ID X 100mm long) or glass micro fibre thimble (size 19mm ID X 90mm long).
  • Nozzles: A set of 3 stainless steel nozzles.
  • Digital Clock: 0-60 minutes, 1 second readout with start and stop switches
  • Sampling Impinger: 1 No. of 240 ml impnger & 3 Nos. of 120 ml impinger Borosilicate glass impingers accommodated in ice tray.
  • Vacuum Pump: Monoblock Rotary Vane type, single phase motor (230V) with capacity of 50 lpm free flow capacity.