High Volume Sampler



High volume Samplers are the basic instrument used to monitor ambient air quality. They have wide spread use all over the world to measure air pollution in industrial areas, urban areas, on the shop floor, near monuments and other sensitive areas.

In our High Volume Sampler AI-105, air-borne particulates are measured by passing air at high flow rate of cubic meter per minute through a high efficiency filter which retains the particles. The instrument measures the volume of air sampled, while the amount of particulate collected is determined by measuring the change in weight of the filter paper as a consequence of the sampling. The passage of air reaching the filter is designed to prevent heavier settable dust particles from reaching the filter.


  • No need of keep track of carbon brushes thus eliminating unnecessary breakdown and minimize running cost.
    Low noise and less variation in flow.
  • Silicone tubing in place of PVC tubing.
  • Unique flow measuring system using an orifice plate incorporated in filter holder casting ensure an exact measurement of the air passing through the filter, with minimum possibility of leakages, or extraneous air , affecting the flow readings.
  • Special hinge design allows easy separation of gable roof from the main housing making the system more rugged and compact for transportation.


Technical specifications:

  • Flow Rate: 0 to 1.8 m3 /min free flow
  • Particle Size: Particles 0 to 100 microns & below collected on Filter Paper holder. SPM bigger than 100 microns collected in a separate sampling bottle under the cyclone.
  • Sampling Time: 24 hours (maximum) sampling.
  • Time Record: 0 to 9999.99 hours recorded on a Time Totalizer.
  • Automatic Sampling: 24 hrs programmable timer to automatically shut off the system after a specific time interval.
  • Power Requirement: Nominal 220 V, Single Phase, 50Hz AC mains supply