Combo Sampler



In order to measure PM10 and PM2.5 levels in ambient air, two different samplers need to be operated simultaneously. The combo sampler reduces this effort and combines both the sampling into a single instrument, making it cost efficient and at the same time provides easiness in operation and transportation. Our Combined Sampler AI-103 is advanced state of art technology based instrument for combined sampling of PM10, PM 2.5 and four water soluble gases SO2, NO2, NH3 and O3.

Single stage impactor has been fitted to remove dust greater than 10 microns from ambient air when sucked through it at constant flow rate of 1m3/hr. It comes with 47 mm filter cassette for placing a filter paper of 47 mm diameter glass fibre filter for collecting PM 10 dust.

For sampling of 2.5 microns dust, USEPA standard design based impactors have been incorporated in the AI-103. The impactor removes dust of size greater than 2.5 microns from ambient air in dual stage, PM10 impactor for dust of 10 microns and WINS impactor for dust of 2.5microns. Air flow rate of 1m3/hr is maintained during the operation. A Filter cassette of 47 mm dia is placed under this impactor that holds a PTFE filter of 46.2 mm diameter to collect PM2.5 dust particles. AI-103 comes with gaseous sampling attachment either thermoelectrically cooled or ice cooled.


  • PM10 and PM2.5 Impactors of sampler based on designs standardized by USEPA.
  • Two part cabinet ensures that temperature of both filter papers filter remains close to ambient temperature.
  • Brush-less pump with double diaphragm with low noise.
  • Lower sampling rate of 1m3/hr reduces filter choking even in areas having high FPM levels.
  • Critical Orifice maintains constant sampling rate of 1 m3/hour for both impactors.


Technical specifications:

  • Flow Rate PM10 & PM2.5: Constant sampling rate of 1 m3/hr unaffected by voltage fluctuation and filter choking maintained by critical orifice system.
  • Size Selective inlets: Omni-directional air inlet with PM 10 separation through an impactor followed by PM 2.5 separation through a WINS Impactor.
  • Vacuum Pump: Oil Free, non-pulsating double diaphragm pump driven by induction motor for stable flow rate
  • Automatic Sampling: Digital timer to automate the operation of timer.
  • Power requirement: Nominal 220 V, Single Phase, 50Hz AC mains supply.
  • Sample Volume: Two Dry Gas meters to records the total air volume sampled in both the impactor.
  • Filter: Both Filter holder designed to accept any standard 47 mm diameter filter media.