Weather Monitoring Station


Weather variables such as wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity and rainfall may all be important factors in determining the course of a wide range of events. For example, agriculture has always been heavily dependent on the weather and weather forecasts, both for its control on the quality and quantity of a harvest and its effect on the farmer’s ability to work the land or to graze his stock. Water resources generally depend critically not just upon rainfall, but also other weather phenomenon that together drive plant growth, photosynthesis and evaporation. Just as pollen and seed dispersal in the atmosphere are driven almost entirely by the weather, so too is the direction and distance of travel of atmospheric pollution. Weather monitoring is also important not just in defining present climate, but also for detecting changes in climate and providing the data to input into models which enable us to predict future changes in our environment. The demand for weather data, usually on an hourly or more frequent timescale, has increasingly been met by the development and widespread deployment of automatic weather stations. The NS-WMS-01, provides sophisticated monitoring and logging of essential weather conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, relative humidity and solar radiation etc. High accuracy sensors are used to serve the purpose. The microcontroller based weather station comes with inbuilt memory for logging of data for several months. Data can be retrieved easily through the USB port. It has GPRS enabled web telemetry for continuous and online transmission of weather data to any server. The instrument comes along with a rechargeable battery and solar panel for uninterrupted power supply. Application areas include agriculture, hydrology, ecology and meteorology. For customized applications, our instrument can come with the best blend of sensors, data logger and accessories accordingly.

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Field proven in severe weather conditions.

Unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites.

Wide choice of sensors and accessories.

Imported sensors with high accuracy.

Large inbuilt memory for data logging.

USB communication.

GPRS enabled web telemetry for wireless data transmission to any server.

IP 65 rated enclosure.

Inbuilt real time clock for auto updating of date and time.

User programmable data intervals for data storage.

Battery operated with solar panel for independent charging of battery.

Facility for addition of more meterological parameters.

How does it work?

The Weather Monitoring Station is also a sensor based monitor measuring various parameters of weather. It is installed in the open air and is also solar powered as it works on batteries that charge from solar radiations. It is provided with Anemometer to measure wind speed and wind direction, Pyranometer for solar radiations, Tipping bucket which measures the amount of rainfall, and a chip that senses the temperature and relative humidity. It indicates the values on a display screen and has a data logger where all the data is recorded and can be retrieved via USB in excel format. The data can also be made online and transferred to a server through GPRS enabled web telemetry (SIM).

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What does it measure?

Our Weather Monitoring Station measures a number of parameters of weather such as Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Rainfall (current and cumulative) Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiations, etc. However, it can also be customised as per the requirements of the user and the parameters may differ accordingly.

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How it Use?

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Step One

: Simply install it in the open air and switch it on.

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Step Two

It will start measuring and will display current values on the display screen and the data will start recording in the data logger.

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Step Three

Just insert a USB and get data retrieved as excel sheet or data can be made online through telemetry (SIM) or Wifi.