Portable Particulate Monitor


The E&E made Portable Particulate Monitors, PPM-01, uses laser light scattering principle based sensors to give accurate and reliable values of particulate matter. PPM-01 is a hand-held air quality monitor which can monitor particulate matter in indoor/ambient air. Particulate matter measurement is taken in three ranges, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. The PDM-01 has a very easy user interface and comes with inbuilt data logger. Rechargeable batteries provide continuous operation till long hours.

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Good consistency and real time response.

High sensitive and quick response.

Low power consumption.

Battery operated instrument.

Compact and light weight body.

Easy user interface.

Internal memory for data logging.

USB communication.

Carrying case for easy handling.

How does it work?

Our Portable Particulate Monitor is a hand held monitor that works on laser light scattering principle. It has sensors that detect the values of PPM present in the surroundings in different ranges. It runs on rechargeable batteries that recharges from electricity through an adapter. It indicates the values on a display screen and has an internal memory for data logging where all the data is recorded and can be retrieved via SD Card in excel format. The data can also be made online and transferred to a server through Wifi.

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What does it measure?

It measures the Particulate matter mass concentration present in the surrounding in three ranges; PM1, PM2.5, PM10.

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How it Use?

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Step One

Just hold the Portable Particulate Monitor and switch it on.

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Step Two

It will start detecting and will display current values on the display screen and the data will start recording in the data logger.

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Step Three

Just insert SD Card and get data retrieved as excel sheet or data can be made online through Wifi.