Metrological Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station


An automated weather station (EE-WMS-AQM) is built at the component level to provide an organization with the instruments it needs to meet its measurement objectives. The versatility of this automated weather station is evidenced in your ability to add, remove, or substitute sensors or other peripherals as your data measurement and monitoring needs change. To assess the numerous grade automated weather station models and ultimately determine which components are the most suitable, you should first identify your application’s needs and requirements. Your familiarity with these items will help ensure that the automated weather station components you select will meet your compliance requirements.


Solar powered, fully automated system

An expansion peripheral can enable multiple sensors to share the same data-logger connection

You may already own sensors that you plan to use in your automated weather station

GPRS modem communications

0-9 lpm higher efficient vacuum pump, which automatically functions on an hour interval

Convenient filter tool provided for the separation of aerosol droplets & condensate from gases

Unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites

Secure & Encrypted

In-built system software with data file management

Large storage capacity, and they store data permanently

Wide choice of sensors

How does it work?

The Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station comes equipped with a number of sensors measuring various parameters of weather and the gases present in the ambient air. It is installed in the open air and provide the values for level of gases present in the ambient air and various parameters of weather. It is powerless as it works on batteries that charge from solar radiations. It is provided with Anemometer to measure wind speed and wind direction, Pyrometer for solar radiations, Tipping bucket which measures the amount of rainfall, and a chip that senses the temperature and humidity and various sensors for different gases. It indicates the values on a display screen and has a data logger where all the data is recorded and can be retrieved via USB in excel format. The data can also be made online and transferred to a server through GPRS enabled web telemetry (SIM).

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What does it measure?

Our Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station measures as many as 14 parameters ranging from the amount of gases present in the ambient air such as SOX, NOX, O3, CO2, O2, etc. to different parameters of weather such as Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Rainfall (current and cumulative) Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiations, etc. However, it can also be customised as per the requirements of the user and the parameters may differ accordingly.

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How it Use?

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Step One

Simply install it in the open air and switch it on.

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Step Two

It will start measuring and will display current values on the display screen and the data will start recording in the data logger.

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Step Three

Just insert a USB and get data retrieved as excel sheet or the data can be made online through GPRS enabled web telemetry (SIM) or Wifi.