We commit ourselves to responsible
ways of working and restoring the balance
between nature and its heritage

About Us

Engineering and Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd is a forer nner in offering cutting-edge technology solutions focused on monitoring the environment and fostering a sustainable future. We have a reputation for creating specialised, turnkey solutions and the dynamism of a youthful, enthusiastic staff with excellent problem-solving abilities. We provide automated data gathering and monitoring systems for connected devices that use sensor-driven technologies to create environmental monitoring solutions.

Our Journey

Way back in 2015 we started as a start-up enterprise, E&E Solutions has since been able to grow across boundaries and carve out a niche as a top producer of environmental monitoring tools. With each successful project completion our reputation grew for quality workmanship and finishing. Today we spearhead the industry in designing, manufacturing, operation & maintenance of air, hydrological, meteorological, & particulate monitoring systems as well as medical equipment like oxygen concentrators.

How We Work

At the early design stage, we evaluate each project's specific needs, objectives, and difficulties from a holistic design perspective and collaborate to deliver specifically engineered, high performance and low-cost solutions. With due focus on the given industrial domain, we provide institutional, commercial, and residential project environmental compliances fulfilment solutions, consultancy, and monitoring services.

Evaluation process at early design stage:

Assess project’s specific
needs & objectives

Gauge difficulties with
respect to the project

Provide high performance
and low-cost solutions


To establish a completely technology driven organisation
with innovation as its backbone & customised engineering
as a tool to creating future oriented environmental solutions.


We strive to be the supplier of choice by
committing to low cost and quality products.

core values

Quality Workmanship

We deliver precisely engineered, custom made client solutions across industry domains specifically in air and water quality monitoring. We are enthralled to establish ourselves as a solution-oriented company against a product oriented one. We care to understand the project issues and challenges before reaching to the product design and execution.

Customer Centricity

We care for our customer needs and ensure to provide the most suitable technology solutions by working in coherence with our clients’ requirements. We study our projects beyond business as usual and consider each one of them as an opportunity to showcase our best. Creating customer delight by serving the finest technology at affordable prices is at the heart of each project.

Employee Empowerment

We believe strongly in sharing the responsibilities of planning and decision making with all our employees. We give equal work opportunities to all our employees by being fair to all and discriminating none. We care for our human resources above all and with their collaborative team efforts we aspire to be the industry leader.